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Online Accounting Services

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We pride in providing online accounting services to a number of our valuable clients.  Our services range from individual tax returns to more complex business and company tax returns. Our reasonably priced quarterly tax compliance packages include Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Tax Returns lodgements. We believe in cloud accounting and our online bookkeeping services' software of choice are Xero and Sassu.

Unlike our competitors our individual and business services are not performed by a computer program. We only require you to upload your documents or give us access to your cloud accounting program. We never ask you to type any numbers.

Trust us not calculators for online accounting services!
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Online Tax Return Australia App
Online Tax Return Australia App

Online Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Helping individuals & making Australian small businesses cost efficient!

Online Accounting Services

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Financial Reports
Tax Returns/Lodgements
Annual reports are very important to analyse the past and predict the future performance of an organisation. Many start-up businesses fail because financial reports are not prepared on regular basis and thus resources are not allocated properly to reduce cash flow problems.

We have partnered with Xero & Sassu to help our clients prepare and analyse financial statements at least quarterly so that our clients can paint the overall picture of their businesses and take actions to mitigate risks such as negative cash flows.

We believe preparation of financial statements is important for any type and size of businesses. It doesn’t matter if it is just part-time or casual. There is always an intention to grow and the best way to present your business to a bank or investor is to show the feasibility of your business (i.e. your financial statements).

Our online accounting services provide support when you need us the most.
Please note: We prepare annual statements for most businesses before preparing income tax returns.

Lodging your income tax is always frustrating; especially when you have balance to pay at the end of the year. So why is tax frustrating? The answer to that is simple, you have to book an appointment, travel to the tax agent and pay unreasonable amounts.

We have mitigated all of the above factors influencing negative feeling about tax. We provide online accounting services. Online means that you can Skype us while enjoying a cup of coffee in your backyard. There is absolutely no chance of losing documents as all the paperwork would sit with you.

We are not overpriced. Just contact us and we would make sure to give you a discount on whatever you paid your previous tax agent/accountant. Yes! Just email us and you would be delighted you did!

We are currently filling the following tax returns: -

1. Individuals
2. ABN Contractors (may include annual accounts)
3. Sole Traders (may include annual accounts)
4. Partnerships (includes annual accounts)
5. Companies (includes annual accounts)
6. Trusts (includes annual accounts)

Online Tax Return Australia App
Online Tax Return Australia App
$50 Tax Return
Business Services

Online BAS (Business Activity Statements), GST & Online Bookkeeping Services

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GST & Business Activity Statements (BAS)
Other Tax Requirements

You might have something else in mind.  We provide the following online services: -

  1. Tax advice before making a purchase or sale

  2. Capital Gains Tax Advice

  3. Property Tax Advice

  4. Tax Planning

  5. Signing documents for your loan application

  6. Benchmarking and comparing your business with others operating in the industry.

  7. Workers Compensation declaration forms

  8. Management Accounting

  9. Anything else – do not hesitate to give us a call

 If your turnover is more than $75,000 you are required to register for GST, provided you are not running a not-for-profit organisation. Some, like Uber drivers, are required to register for GST regardless of their annual turnovers. Also, many organisations have adopted an approach to pay less to their contractors who are not registered for GST.

Businesses registered for GST are required to have a proper system to account for GST and report it at least annually to the Australian Tax Office.

We have partnered with Xero and Sassu to help our clients have a proper accounting system in place. This would give our clients the highest possible compliance when preparing and lodging their businesses activity statements. Having a proper accounting system would mean that we can offer clients quarterly reports which are vital to understand the past and future performances of their businesses. As an additional advantage these reports are required by the banks, potential investors and buyers to understand feasibility of the business. We provide online bookkeeping services and use clould platforms such as Xero & Sassu. 

Most businesses are paying extra because their current bookkeepers are not doing their jobs right. Firms love it as time is money!
Consider us as replacing your bookkeepers with qualified accountants for CHEAPER PRICE!
Cost Savings

Online Accounting Services


Uber Tax

Online Tax Compliance (Income Tax, GST & FBT)

Online Tax Compliance (Income Tax & GST)

We would setup Sassu or Xero for you so that you can take control of your expenses. We will lodge your Business Activity Statements (BAS), Income Tax Returns & Fringe Benefits Tax Returns (if applicable). You would have access to our Skype consultations when you need us the most - after hours and weekends.
We will lodge your Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Income Tax Returns Online and provide you Skype consultations when you need us the most. We also highly recommend to set up Sassu or Xero so that you can manage your business and personal expenses more intelligently.
Business Services
Uber Tax

Personal Tax Returns


Income Tax Returns

Online Tax Compliance (Income Tax, GST & FBT)

We are the cheapest in the market! We will lodge your income tax returns online and you would be able to e-sign all the documents. You can also book a Skype Consultation when you need us the most.
We know you want to grow. We have partnered with Wealth Doctors to provide you access to funding easily. We will prepare your financial statements, Business Activity Statements (BAS), Tax Returns & Fringe Benefits Tax Returns (if applicable). You would have access to our Skype consultations.
Personal Tax


  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Tax Preparation & Lodgements
  3. Annual Accounts
  4. Financial Services
  5. Tax Advice
  6. Business Activity Statements (BAS)

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  1. M. Fahad Gul
    Worked for Chartered Accounting Firms Bachelors of Business and Commerce (Accounting) Registered Tax Agent email:
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Easy to use and affordable!
Business runs beautifully with Xero
Our financial services Partner
Saasu loves to invent and disrupt the old ways of doing things with faster, cleaner, better ways. As software artisans we are always thinking about what saves you time, what you can automate and what creates the most value for your small business.
Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business: 
unlimited users and 24/7 support … not to mention the security and reliability you’d expect from Xero.

At Wealth Doctors, we help you find the ideal solution to your financial goal or concern – taking away the pain of financial solution shopping for you.
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